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WOW Intern Muna creating CSA bouquets

WOW Intern Muna creating CSA bouquets

What is bouquet CSA?

With Bouquet CSA you get a handmade, locally-grown, sustainable flower arrangement every week produced by the efforts of our WOW Farm Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

What size are the bouquets?

The arrangements are medium sized like the one pictured below.

Medium bouquet from our summer season.

Medium bouquet from our summer season

How do I get my bouquets?

You can pick up your bouquets Saturday mornings at our location on 16th and Wood Streets, Oakland, CA 94607.

How much is Bouquet CSA?

It’s only $50 a month!

How does WOW Farm’s Bouquet CSA work? 

Youth interns work with the WOW Farm staff to gain hands-on experience in running and marketing a business. By picking up your bouquet from the farm, you get to see the space where are interns and staff work tirelessly to produce beautiful bouquets for businesses and consumers like you.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out the form at the top of the page. We’ll take it from there!