The Volunteers and Mentors of 2012

Please join us in thanking and cheering the individuals who gave their time to mentor, advise and share knowledge with Game Theory Academy students and staff in 2012!

These incredible people ran workshops for our alumni program:

Lisa Morehouse * Adis Bajramovic & Lisa Joyner, US Bank * Alicia Oliverez, Alameda County Community Asset Network * Carly Perera, Mission Asset Fund * Chanda Jones, Financial Wellness Center * Daniel Roberts * Elisabeth Watson * Herman Badgett, Union Bank * Jim Frazin * Kate Sassoon, Sassy Cooperates * Kevin Hamilton, Red Oak Realty * Kurt Sunderbruch * Lyron Bentovim, Sun Telecom * Mike Leung, Workers Cooperative Credit Union * Rhea Serna, Community Financial Resources * Rupa Dev, Teach for America * Sayla Esiner-Mix, Community Trust Credit Union * Susan Quinlan, War Tax Resisters * Casey Miner, KALW * Julie Caine

The following generous mentors made the WOW Farm a success:

Philip Krohn * Rico Rivera & Yoni Levy, Chefs at Flora * Abeni Ramsey, The Farm Store * David Roach * Devin Gonzales * Elizabeth Symington * Esperanza Pallana, Oakland Food Policy Council * Fernando Munguia, Street Smart Farms * Gregory Leon * Jan Weihmann, Author of You’re Hired * John Wichmann * Eric Berlow * Doug Thielscher * Tjarn Sato * Daniel Voigt * Katherine Ball * Justin Kanalakis * Leland Thompson & Quan DeMarco, Thompson and DeMarco Leadership Consulting * Sarah Light * Willette P. Battle, Assemble Oaktown

Essential, in-kind strategy, marketing and legal support provided by:

Ann Elling * Caroline Yu * Claire McDonnell * Dan Fichte, LCB Associates * Eddie Chau * Jen Holleran * Jenny Sanchez, Union Bank * Karina Moreno * Sandy Close, New America Media * Seng Chen * Susan Cheng

Many and warm thanks, and happy new year from the Board of Directors at Game Theory Academy,

Dan Cavenaugh, Debra Koffler, Moira Geraghty, Namita Kamath, and Patricia Johnson