Job opportunity for youth in West Oakland on WOW Farm

Game Theory Academy and West Oakland Woods (WOW) Farm are hiring Youth Associates to participate in a year-long business education and farm management program. Download the application and full job description here: DownloadWOWapplication * Receive business and on-farm training. * Work with a team to produce food products for sale […]

Even the Occupy Movement has Opportunity Costs

Many GTA supporters have asked what our students think about the Occupy movement, and whether they are involved in what’s happening here in Oakland. Today, we asked some who have visited the camp sites or participated in the protest activities to share their opinion, in light of our lesson today […]

An ending is just the beginning

Michele graduated her first class of students on Thursday, several of whom will stay involved over the summer through the GTA Investors Club. Michele is currently teaching a group in San Francisco at CYMC, and will start another group here in Oakland on May 19th. Congratulations Michele!