The Opportunity Cost of a Real Life Budget Shortfall

Just a few weeks ago, Michele’s Oakland class was working on a budget case study. As she was explaining the importance of budgeting, specifically how to meet a savings goal, one student offered what turned out to be an all-too-real peek into the complex financial decisions he is facing… This […]

Voices in my head: GTA was in my best self-interest

By Ryan Nunnery I’m a senior at Skyline High School. Most of my life has been about learning how to go from point A to point B, responding to situations constantly happening in life. Being in Game Theory Academy has helped me make better decisions, whether it’s choosing what route […]

Mapping strategic thinking at summer GTA classes

Michele just graduated her third group of GTA students. As a self-proclaimed visual learner, Michele often comes up with creative ways to map out the decisions and questions posed by students as they plunge through the GTA toolkit in class. In GTA, we teach students that when you make strategic […]

Get on top, stay on top and manage your money on top

This month we wrapped up spring classes in San Francisco at Conscious Youth Media Crew and in east Oakland at the Laurel Marketplace Learning Center. The youth in the GTA Investors Club also picked their stocks, and over the summer we will track the performance of their portfolio: So far they’ve lost $8.03. There’s […]

GTA goes to juvenile hall

GTA’s founding concept was to provide the financial and decision making tools taught in MBA programs to young people enmeshed in the criminal justice system. While we have opened our doors to a wide range of youth in our first three years, only about 40% were on probation. We are […]