Job Announcement: Economics Educator

Game Theory Academy (GTA) is recruiting an Economics Educator to deliver GTA’s innovative economic and financial literacy curriculum to low-income youth in Oakland. A qualified candidate must demonstrate an aptitude for microeconomics, as that forms the basis of our innovative curriculum, and a passion for money management. Our current instructor […]

Voices in my head: GTA was in my best self-interest

By Ryan Nunnery I’m a senior at Skyline High School. Most of my life has been about learning how to go from point A to point B, responding to situations constantly happening in life. Being in Game Theory Academy has helped me make better decisions, whether it’s choosing what route […]

An ending is just the beginning

Michele graduated her first class of students on Thursday, several of whom will stay involved over the summer through the GTA Investors Club. Michele is currently teaching a group in San Francisco at CYMC, and will start another group here in Oakland on May 19th. Congratulations Michele!

GTA joins Alameda County Community Asset Network

Just this week GTA was approved for membership in the Alameda County Community Assets Network (AC CAN), a working group of service providers and advocates working together to increase the income and assets of Alameda County residents. AC CAN’s mission is right in line with GTA’s mission to get financial information […]

More than rocks and presidents: The economics of lyrics, according to GTA students

In a recent blog post for the Corporation for Enterprise Development, GTA Executive Director Patricia Johnson quotes the homework assignments of several GTA students from Met West High School, who used economics to analyze the lyrics of songs they love. It might change the way you think about 50 Cent […]

No luck on the job market: GTA youth quoted in SF Chronicle

Marissa Yarbrough, GTA student and senior at Met West High School, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle today talking about her frustrations looking for a part-time job while she prepares for college. The Chronicle story covers a recent cell phone poll of California youth that found economic concerns are […]

Summer 2010 at Game Theory Academy

A recent issue of The Economist reported that the percentage of 16-24 year olds in the U.S who are neither in school nor employed has risen from 18% to 24% in the last two years. One in four young people hanging around with nothing to do! The recession continues to […]