California youth

The Opportunity Cost of a Real Life Budget Shortfall

Just a few weeks ago, Michele’s Oakland class was working on a budget case study. As she was explaining the importance of budgeting, specifically how to meet a savings goal, one student offered what turned out to be an all-too-real peek into the complex financial decisions he is facing… This […]

Even the Occupy Movement has Opportunity Costs

Many GTA supporters have asked what our students think about the Occupy movement, and whether they are involved in what’s happening here in Oakland. Today, we asked some who have visited the camp sites or participated in the protest activities to share their opinion, in light of our lesson today […]

No luck on the job market: GTA youth quoted in SF Chronicle

Marissa Yarbrough, GTA student and senior at Met West High School, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle today talking about her frustrations looking for a part-time job while she prepares for college. The Chronicle story covers a recent cell phone poll of California youth that found economic concerns are […]