Saving for my future

By Ramon Ortiz

Game Theory Academy (GTA) was a great opportunity for me to learn how to make choices that help me managing money. I was able to understand how to save money by not wasting it on unnecessary items. For example, some people buy new phones every month instead of keeping the same phone and saving the money for more necessary materials. In addition, I learned that it’s better to stay within your budget and not waste more money then you really have. For example, when you have a budget of $20 and what you want to buy is over your budget it will not benefit you to buy it because it exceeds your budget.

I go to Light House Community School. My goal in life is to go to college and become a businessman. My short-term goal is to get scholarships and save money for when I go to the college of my choice. Currently in school I am taking advanced classes.

The stipend I earned at GTA helped me over the summer because I was not able to find a job. I chose to wait until the last day of class to get paid so I wouldn’t end up spending all the money on little things like snacks that aren’t necessary. Today we got paid. I’m gonna save the money for something more important that I might need in the future. The most important thing I need to save for is college. Usually I just come by money in little bits, so it takes a long time to save up. GTA was cool for me because I got paid a $150 at once for the first time, so I’m motivated to save it.