Meet Krystal: New GTA Instructor

IMG_2069I just finished teaching my first class at Game Theory Academy at the end of March. Even though I had a small class of seven, I think I had some of the best students as my first round of learners.  What made them so awesome is that they participated and could easily demonstrate to me that they understood the concepts. You see, I love all things related to finance and economics, and what better way to express my passion than to teach it to a group of teenagers.

Our students at Game Theory Academy take the class voluntarily.  No one forces them to attend.  They make the choice to learn something about money, the economy, and where they fit in the big picture.  I admire them for their choice to attend and participate.  They take what they learn and put it to use in their everyday lives.  And guess what?  They get paid too!

One student in particular really grasped the concept of supply and demand.  After completing a few exercises and listening to me rattle on about it, he summarized how it worked in about three sentences.  I couldn’t have explained it better myself!

When I made the choice to join Game Theory Academy as an instructor, I knew it was going to involve some hard work to take a sometimes-dull subject — after all, they call economics the dismal science —  and turn it into a learning experience that even the most skeptical student would enjoy.  With Game Theory Academy’s teen-centered curriculum, I am well on my way.  You see, we have a choice in everything we do.

My favorite part of the GTA curriculum, you ask?  Hands down, the flea market game.  I’m not divulging any details because I want you to sign up for the class and find out for yourself what it’s all about.

The best part about this new teaching experience?  Seeing the huge grins on the students’ faces on the last day of class when they get PAID!

My next class starts on Thursday, April 11.  Make the choice.  Call Dillon at (510) 463-4043 to register.