Linda the Lovely Marketing Intern

Today is my last day of working at Game Theory Academy.  I was lucky enough

to be given the opportunity to work here starting in April of 2015 where I interviewed

Jasmin, Hayley, and Linda

Jasmin, Hayley, and Linda

with Jasmin and Jeremy for the role of marketing intern.  Since then, I have learned a

great deal about marketing through working on the social media for the Oakland Youth

Friendly Business Awards as well as helping to network and table at the Oakland Indie

Awards.  Since starting, I have grown more confident in my skills of designing and

executing posters and flyers as well as using my creativity to craft relevant and trending

social media posts.  I feel very grateful for this opportunity and I now hope to work in

nonprofits in the future.  I have definitely enjoyed my time at Game Theory Academy and

especially working with Patricia, Hayley, Jasmin, and Jeremy, who have fostered an

environment to allow me to learn and to grow.  I wish the best for Game Theory

Academy in their noble mission of touching the lives of youth through financial



Linda Yuann


Linda is a sophomore Economics major at UC Berkeley. We wish her the best of luck in her future nonprofit work!