Job opportunity for youth in West Oakland on WOW Farm

Game Theory Academy and West Oakland Woods (WOW) Farm are hiring Youth Associates to participate in a year-long business education and farm management program.

Download the application and full job description here: DownloadWOWapplication

* Receive business and on-farm training.
* Work with a team to produce food products for sale to Oakland restaurants.
* Participate in strategic business planning and provide input on the marketing, operations and financial plan of the business.
* Build and maintain relationships with restaurant partners and customers.
* Write, take photographs and make videos for the farm blog.
* Have access to field trips, nutrition training and guest speakers outside of work hours.
* Some farm tasks include: composting, building healthy soil, planting and harvesting.

If you would like a copy of the application emailed or mailed to you, contact Patricia Johnson: or (510)992-3266.