GTA goes to juvenile hall

GTA’s founding concept was to provide the financial and decision making tools taught in MBA programs to young people enmeshed in the criminal justice system. While we have opened our doors to a wide range of youth in our first three years, only about 40% were on probation. We are pleased to be working inside juvenile hall at last, to recruit participants so that when they get out, they have more support to stay out.

The 19 young men who participated in last week’s classes at Alameda County’s juvenile hall – ranging in age from 14 to 17 – were enthusiastic about the curriculum and excited to have a paid opportunity waiting for them when they get released. We hope to report soon that many of them follow through on their interest. Below, find some great quotes from their writing assignment on decisions and take a glimpse of the notes one young man took during class.

“A decision I’m making is never coming back here. To make that decision possible they need to let me out so I can get to school. I just need the judge to give me another chance.”

“This class is cool because we, as in young people, need to learn about the economy. Also, because we need to learn more information.”

“I’m facing 6-9 months in boot camp. I understand it can help me, but I have a 4 month old daughter who I love with all my heart. I’ve missed a month of her life already and that hurts. I’m a smart kid, just less fortunate. I need to find a job so I can stay out of here.”

“Right now I’m facing a big decision on whether I should go to a placement or go home to my family. I’m going to come and do yo class.”

“The decisions I make every day have to do with school and money. I either go to school and risk losing money or don’t go to school and make money all day. I can’t really do both.”