Stock Donations

Thank you for considering a gift of publicly traded securities to Game Theory Academy!
Our federal tax identification number 30-0500172.

Step One

Contact your broker and indicate you’d like to make a DTC Transfer and provide this information:

  • Depository Trust Company: Charles Schwab #0164
  • Name of the Account: GAME THEORY ACADEMY
  • GTA’s Account Number: 2395-3419
  • Company and number of shares you wish to donate.

Step Two

Please notify us (link for Gmail users) with the details of your gift of stock. Please don’t skip this step! Under SEC regulations, your broker may not tell us your name when s/he transfers stock from your account to GTA’s. So, if we don’t hear from you, we will see new securities in GTA’s account, and we will be deeply grateful, but we will not know whom to thank! Not only do you deserve to be acknowledged, but also, a thank you letter from GTA to you is required for you to deduct the gift when you file your tax forms. Thank you!