Even the Occupy Movement has Opportunity Costs

Many GTA supporters have asked what our students think about the Occupy movement, and whether they are involved in what’s happening here in Oakland. Today, we asked some who have visited the camp sites or participated in the protest activities to share their opinion, in light of our lesson today on strategic thinking and opportunity cost.

I think the Occupy protestors have a legit reason, but are going about it in the wrong manner. The thing is that they don’t feel equal to the rich and the banks. But camping out in the public is starting to affect the community. People should be able to do what they want if it doesn’t hurt anyone or is against the law. But the protesting is starting to hurt people and it’s against the law to sleep out there, so if they went about it in a different way I’m sure they would get a better outcome. -Joel’le, Age 16

The Occupy Oakland movement has truly gained the attention they wanted. I believe if they want to continue their success they should all write up a bill to pass that would help cater to their needs and wants. I do think if the move their camp to a new area they will become more of an nuisance to the community and lose a big group of their supporters. I think now that they have a big spotlight they should speak up more on what they want to change. The Occupy Movement should change their strategy to involve more peaceful marches and collaborate with other movements. -Cameron, Age 22

I think the Occupy people should start a new strategy because even though their strategy of getting attention from people and the media is working for now, can they keep doing this? How long will it take for them to get to their goal? They more time they are wasting, the more opportunities they are losing. People need to figure out a new strategy. A leader would be a good start. Someone to hear what people have to say and break it down and share it with the people. -Tet, Age 17

If the Occupy Oakland movement decided to have monthly marches, instead of camping out, they would have a stronger voice. -J, Age 20

I believe that Occupy Oakland has lost its purpose and that the quality of people at Occupy Oakland has decreased over the duration of the Occupation. However, while their strategy may be at the endline of the law of diminishing returns, it is still yielding benefits, albeit smaller and smaller ones. Occupy Oakland should end, but the people should stay together and continue working for this cause, but find different strategies that will be more effective. If 10,000 people took the bus at once, to protest at one place, the havoc and strain on public transit would make people, as well as the government, take action. -Alejandro, Age 20

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  • Bob McGarry

    Great idea for Game Theory Academy to ask their students to share their insights on the Occupy Movement’s opportuniy costs. Although the students see the importance of what the movement is trying to accomplish, they also understand the need for more leadersdhip, planning and better execution. I credit GTA in assisting in this objective analysis. GTA is really making a difference.

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