Edgar: GTA helped me get a promotion

Dear Trish,

It is because of your Game Theory and Investors Club classes that I am making choices that are benefiting me greatly. As I am transitioning into college and adulthood, I am becoming aware of how important it is to know how to manage
my economic situation. Every single one of those vocab words that you taught me has helped me stay aware of my finances are handled.

I have also received much respect from my manager at work when it comes to helping her family run business more economically efficient. I have been able to help modify some prices based on a customers willingness to pay and true cost of the products. I have also been able to point out hidden costs in running the business. I have been offered a higher position in my workplace because of what I knew about money management. My boss was surprised when I mentioned supply and
demand to the other workers and praised me.

This is only what I learned from the main GTA class. The Investors Club class last fall gave me a glimpse into bigger money
management “projects”. I have big investment plans in the future. I have also learned that the greater the prize, the greater the risk. Doing the research for which companies we were going to invest in helped me understand the giant mess of numbers. I have also learned that I want to continue learning about numbers and economics at Sacramento State University.

Again, I would like to thank you for teaching the class and giving me the knowledge you did.
Edgar De La Cruz