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Student Testimonials

“Since I’m saving to go back to school, I make sure, no matter what, I take out $100 from each paycheck to go into my savings. No matter what the check amount is, that’s first.” -Ryan


“I started keeping a bank account and stopped buying things just to buy them.” -Monica

“We [can’t] have everything at the same time; when you accept an opportunity, you are losing another one.” -Chunyan


“I started spending my money responsibly on the things I need first and put my ‘wants’ last.” -Sydnee


“Instead of swiping my card [for] everything, I take some money out and I have 20 dollars for the week.” -Angela

“I managed to convince one of my friends to not get a credit card since he did not have a job and I was worried he might [get] in debt.” -Esther


“I used to spend a lot of money without creating a budget. When saving money, I just kept it in my drawer. Now I know to save it in the bank so it can gain some money over time and there’s more security involved.” -Tyler

Student Testimonials  |  Impact of Your Donation  |  Annual Reports

Evaluation Results

Student Testimonials  |  Evaluation Results  |  Annual Reports

Impact of Your Donation

WOW Farm Flowers

Our goals are not possible without your generous help.

In 2014, we doubled our capacity for employing local high school students at our urban farm program: WOW Farm. To do so we needed a second, larger farm site. When the possibility to develop the 16th Street Train Station came along, we leapt at the chance and turned to our community of donors for support. Thanks to them (you!), we reached our goal, transforming vacated asphalt into beds of beautiful flowers. The WOW Flower Farm now supplies farm-fresh flowers and crafted bouquets to Oakland residents, florists, and markets. Visit our Flower Shop.

Your donation supports hands-on learning.

Because youth encounter opportunity costs just as often as adults, we incentivize our classes with a stipend. Since our 2009 launch, we’ve paid out $238,000 in stipends to our low-income students. We use the stipend as a teaching tool, instructing students in strategies that revolve around money and decision frameworks—a subject that becomes concrete once they have cash in hand. Yet 94% of our graduates state that by the end of the program, they stayed not because of the money, but for the decision-making skills they learned.



Join us in bringing these skills to the youth who need them most.


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