Met West High School studentsNow, every time I go to the store with someone I ask, “Is what you’re buying in your best self interest?”

Game Theory Academy (GTA) has a mission to improve the economic decision-making skills of low-income youth who have experience with juvenile justice, foster care and homelessness. GTA teaches students how to think differently about money, increasing their financial stability and academic achievement while decreasing criminal activity. Young people graduate GTA with improved confidence in navigating the economy, and superior analytical skills they can apply to financial, education, career and risk decisions. Business education programs teach decision-making skills that help corporate executives maximize their resources. GTA takes those same concepts and applies them to the life changing decisions young people make as they transition into adulthood. Since our founding in 2008, GTA has served more than 750 youth ages 16-22 in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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